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"To know the truth of your divine consciousness
is to see it reflected back at you from all living things.
To deepen that experience constantly,
through adoration, wonder, insight and direct protective
service and action is why we are here."

Andrew Harvey


     On December 7, 2002 a exemplary group of individuals gathered in Mt. Shasta, CA to participate in a day long celebration of the deep bond between animals and human beings. The group, facilitated by Andrew Harvey, included individuals who have a profound commitment to animals and traveled from across the United States. Among those present included veterinarians, animal sanctuary directors, documentary film makers, editors, animal communicators, engineers, nurses, and authors. 

     The charter is a comprehensive statement that preserves the rights of animals and has been written in first person/animal. The completed charter will be presented world wide in the name of Earth’s Animals to religious leaders, governments and corporations. The initial presentation is scheduled for the United Nations. It is our desire to see this document presented at the highest level in order to highlight its universal necessity. 

     The charter will be posted until mid-August for review. We welcome your feedback. Your comments may be submitted through this website. 

Earth’s Animals
Andrew Harvey
Purusha Ananda
Sharon Callahan


     We the non-human beings of Earth, ask that you treat us with dignity. Remember you are animals as we are, and our desires are no different that your own. 

We seek life, happiness and freedom from fear just as you do.

Love and compassion for us relate directly to world peace. 

We ask that you, no longer subject us to the pain and indignity of circus and other forms of human entertainment. There are so many other ways we can delight you.

We ask that you, re-evaluate interpretations of sacred texts, in which we are described as inferior and available for human exploitation. When you stray from sacred relationship with us you harm all life.

Use the goodness of your hearts and minds to find ways to be healthy without hurting us. Remember you do not need to harm us to be beautiful. You are beautiful as God made you.

Do not confine us to cages, pools, or other environments in which we cannot live according to our true nature. This keeps us from performing our divinely appointed tasks.

Encourage the beauty of your children's natural love of animals and know that your children can teach you.

Consider carefully before you destroy or pollute our natural homes, for your homes will suffer too. 

Allow us the right to live, love and play, to express, and to be our unique "animal selves."

While you feel you must use our bodies for food remember that we become you. What we experience in life is enfolded into you.

If we must be put to death, please do so with mercy and compassion for we have shown your species the same as much as we are able.

Leave natural areas in every country in which those of us who are non-domesticated can live undisturbed in our natural habitats. We do important work in such places.

Recognize us as members of your communities and take responsibility for those of us who have formed bonds with and have become dependent on you. Set aside places in your towns and cities where we can live and prosper. 

Help us not to over procreate. We cannot do this ourselves. It is part of your stewardship.

Remember that you are animals too and that our desires are not so different that yours.

Listen to all of the subtle ways we speak to you with silence and affection and reciprocate when we need your voice in order to be heard.

Remember we were the first 'people' on earth...here before you arrived.... We have a right to be here just as you have a right to be here.

We ask that you do your part to make the world a better place by promoting new attitudes towards us. We can then, impart our true gifts to you.

As you honor our requests, through conscious choice and love, we can in turn help you to awaken from your age, old story of pain, struggle and fear to create a new story based on honor, respect, and love