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Please offer your suggestions for the proposed CHARTER OF ANIMAL LIBERTIES

.    The Animal Liberation Charter will be a Declaration of Independence, a comprehensive statement that preserves the rights of animals and we invite your participation in this. What would you like to see on this charter? Please comment on, the spiritual relationship between humans and animals; the nature of the exploitation of animals in the production of cosmetics, in medical experiments, in food, all the various aspects; and think about how we can envision a true spiritual relationship with animals, a relationship of balance for the 21st century.

     As we receive suggestions we will begin to build the charter incorporating input from all who want to help the animals be freed from exploitation and suffering. Please stay in touch and watch the charter grow. Your suggestions are deeply valued.

Stories by you about Animals

     If you have had a touching encounter with an animal or while in nature that has opened your heart and helped you to grow in love and tenderness for all Creation we would be honored to have you share it with us. If you want your story included in an upcoming book, please give us your consent. Soon we will be posting some sample stories so that we can all begin to share all of the wonderful and sacred ways animals touch our lives.

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