By Stuart Camps

     ďTo be human is to love, to forgive, to concretely handle all business, to purify, to set oneself and all others free, to generate a circumstance for continued existence that is not time-bound so that you can have time to invest yourself in timeless activities ó meditative feeling-Contemplation of the Divine.

     "Never submit to hatred. This discipline is difficult, yes, it is always difficult. But it is your obligation. See what a wound life is. I Call you to forgiveness, love, acceptance of limitations. This is what love requires. This is what love doesÖ If you enter into this process of self-knowledge and knowledge of another, it will break your heart. It did mine! Yet as dreadful as it is, it is the best thing I ever did. The best thing that could possibly happen to you is for you to become a raw nerve-end, a broken heart, inconsolable, with sorrow on your face and ecstasy as well, no longer a conventional man or woman, no longer able to put on a social face ó incapable of it, with no argument, no anger, no feeling rejected, you responsible and you dying, and no absolutes coming to you through the bodies of others.

     "Everything you console yourself with is a lie. When you get down to the bottom of it, broken-hearted in your distress, maybe you will discover what Ďin loveí is. It is not about what you must do. It is about transcending yourself, about not fulfilling yourself. And it is not amusing. It is passionate and it is terrible.Ē -- Avatar Adi Da Samraj

     Avatar Adi Da's Spiritual Embrace and Blessing of all humans and non-humans is extended equally and without distinction. In His Spiritual Commitment and Vow of Responsibility to protect the non-humans from human interference, Adi Da makes an urgent Call, a Heart's-Shout, for an immediate change in the ways humans relate to each other and to all the other beings within the natural world. The present situation of global environmental decline is rooted in mankind's fundamental rejection of universal spiritual laws, and in our resistance to living a truly spiritual and happy way of life. Unless we realize our fragile position and the 'fault' of our careless living, divorced from Real Wisdom, and make the great leap necessary for Divine Grace and Love to prevail, no amount of our merely human-based efforts will realize their good-hearted goals of perpetually protecting the natural world we live in from the otherwise forgotten, or hardened, heart of collective man.

Seven Recommendations for Humankind

(Offered by Fear-No-More Zoo of Adidam for all to use. Adapted from and inspired by the Teachings of Adi Da Samraj.)

Donít bother the non-humans (who are all of nature, those who swim, run, crawl and fly free, those who grow in the ground and in the sea, and all those who live dependent on responsible human care)

Donít bother children (who are all those still innocent and in need of protection, growth, support and safety)

Donít bother women or men (who are all the feminine and nurturing, and all the masculine and challenging, aspects of human life)

Donít bother elders (who are the true sources and resources of genuine, loving, and mature human, non-human and sacred wisdom)

Donít bother yourself (by living apart from others, in fear, sorrow, and anger, or by searching either inwardly or outwardly to escape these)

Donít bother God (by refusing the requirement for mature human self-responsibility, by reacting either dependently or independently rather than surrendering in love to what Is - and Being Free ! )

Remind one another (of these essential things, always)