Adi Da Samraj

     Stuart Camps, a devotee of the Spiritual Master Adi Da Samraj, is the director of Fear-No-More Zoo. Fear-No-More Zoo is one of the seeds of a great Vision of Avatar Adi Da Samraj, a Vision of all beings living in right Spiritual relationship with one another, informed by the Gift of Contemplative surrender to the Very Divine Being.

     Serving the animals of Fear-No-More Zoo under Adi Da's guidance and instruction, and developing an ever deepening understanding of Adi Da's Vision of Fear-No-More, Stuart also writes papers and articles about the Contemplative life of the non-humans, the environment, True conservation, and the Sacred relationship that humans must develop with everything else.

     His writings are based on Adi Da's Wisdom Teachings, the wise counsel of other's involved with the non-humans (including the non-humans themselves), and Stuart's own experience.

     Stuart was born and raised in the Western highlands of Papua New Guinea. Tree Kangaroos, cuscus, parrots, green tree pythons, turtles, cassowary, birds of paradise, hornbills, sugar gliders, hawks, owls, harpy eagles, dogs, cats, and fish were among his early life friends and companions.

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