Strolling With Our Kin - Speaking for and Respecting Voiceless Animals

By Marc Bekoff
Forword by Jane Goodall
Lantern Books

This wonderful, informative compassionate guide for children and young adults is an incredible contribution to humanities awakening sensitivity to the kingdom of animals. I highly recommend this book to children of all ages. When I received my copy in the mail I couldn't put it down until I had finished it. If the animals could vote for their hero of the year I think it surely would be Marc!

The Smile of a Dolphin - Remarkable Accounts of Animal Emotions

Marc Bekoff
Forword by Stephen Jay Gould

In Smile of a Dolphin Marc gathers accounts from more than fifty researchers who have spent their careers observing a wide array of animal species. The stories will open the hearts of all who read them to the rich emotional lives of animals. Contributors include Jane Goodall, Roger and Deborah Fouts and many, many others. Marc has done it again!

The Direct Path

By Andrew Harvey

Since first discovering Andrew Harvey's beautiful writings many years ago I have eagerly awaited each of his literary offerings. His passion, eloquence, sensitivity, and deep understanding of the world's mystical traditions transforms whatever his chosen topic into a sumptuous feast for the heart and soul. Reading the first few pages of The Direct Path I was touched to find that among those listed in his acknowledgments is his cat Purrball. Delving more deeply into The Direct Path I began to realize that I was partaking of the most beautiful and deeply touching commentary on the spiritual significance of animals and nature ever written. If you have hungered as I have for a spiritual path that included the sacred significance of animals and nature, The Direct Path will leave you feeling as if you have come home at last. Not only does Andrew Harvey include the animals in this magnificent yet profoundly user friendly book but interweaves them passionately throughout. You will find a passage from The Direct Path in the article section of this web site.

Little Tyke - The True Story of a Gentle Vegetarian Lioness

By Georges H. Westbeau

This wonderful account of a rescued lioness who refused to eat meat her entire life has become a classic.When I discovered this book twenty years ago it gave me hope that my childhood vision of a world of non-harming was not only a dim possibility we were moving toward, but was perhaps the way of the Original Creation. I have given many copies of this book away over the years.

SACRED ELEPHANT By Heathcote Williams Jonathan Cape Publishing

The first half of this book is a magnificent poem by Heathcote Williams which perfectly portrays the "soul of Elephant" The second half a compilation of little known facts about the most majestic of animals. The book is illustrated by incredibly moving photographs of elephants. Sacred Elephant is a powerful alchemy of verse, picture and prose using fact and feeling to demolish the myths that keep us complacent about the elephant's fate. This is one of my most cherished books, one that has remained on my desk for years. Also by Heathcote Williams - "Whale Nation" and "Falling for a Dolphin."

Healing Animals Naturally With Flower Essences and Intuitive Listening
By Sharon Callahan, Foreword By Dr. Michael Fox

Available September 15th 2001
Sacred Spirit Publishing $19.95
ISBN 0-9653796-1-2

Healing Animals Naturally With Flower Essences and Intuitive Listening leads the reader on a wondrous journey into the world of Anaflora flower essences. You will learn what the essences are, how they are made and work, and why they are effective in treating animals of every description. Over 200 flower essences and 39 combination essences formulas are described and conveniently cross-referenced, with instructions on how to choose and administer them to produce the most beneficial results. Sharon Callahan presents a powerful and informative testimony to the spiritual lives of animals, and to the miraculous possibilities of healing our historical and present relationship with them. Inter-species communication is addressed from both a practical and spiritual standpoint. The reader is carefully instructed in how to prepare for and then proceed with their own personal “communion” with animals. This book offers a solid reference resource to healing animals naturally using flower essences and to the transformative process of intuitive listening.