By Gigi Kast

     Mother Earth is the heart of our solar system and an entity unto herself. She has mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects as we humans. She holds the pattern to remember the Story for the universe and is like a big memory bank. She has been haven to many as mother to all, with a heart from which to learn and grow. It is through the heart that we truly find ourselves. Mother Earth also acts as a mirror and ingests darkness, in part to transmute and in part to reflect back the imbalances created in order to understand the light. She ponders about her responsibility and how she affects the Whole. At this time, she is choosing her true self in order to evolve and move on to create a new story. She asks her collective self… the animals, rocks, plants, waters, humans, spirits who reside within her multi-dimensionally…. to let go of the old story of pain, struggle and fear and to choose and focus on Love.

     Animals are a physical aspect of Mother Earth who consciously embody their divine spirit within their bodies. They embody this connection as a mirror for humans…heaven on earth. The animals and plants hold this gentle physical space. Humans represent a mental aspect of Mother Earth. When the mental overrides the physical, things get a bit confused and become separated like a vessel beached on the shore lost from its partner, water. How do we move and connect to ourselves, stranded on a shore so long we forget the richness and vastness of the wet water supporting us?

     We make a choice to create a new story and remember our connection as a whole being; mind, body, emotions and spirit connected. This begins with the individual self … how we value, honor, love and respect our self. As we become more and more whole and our numerous aspects heal, we are better able to relate and connect to animals and life around us from our truth and from our heart. The heart beats within All Things on Mother Earth from the carrot to the human. Mother Earth’s heart beat resounds and calls… to align once again with ones inner core and walk in harmony with the bitter sweetness and the fragrances so often missed.

     Some animal liberty and activist groups have approached animal care with anger and self-righteousness in an attempt to help. The groups’ intention has been noble yet the old drama continues to play the old story of anger, struggle and fear. Humans need to let go of the Ego and their self-righteousness in the liberty of animals. By engaging the ego, humans loose contact with what the animals want. This is a challenging process to serve from unconditional love, pure thought and listening.

     As Mother Earth is literally the heart, we live in a world of polarity and contradictions to learn about our heart and how to move from our true heart. The process of how to solve presenting problems can be a complex balancing act. Sometimes caging or fencing an animal is the only way to keep an animal safe, as seen with the tragedy of the White Buffalo who was shot. Some animals have chosen to give some part of their body in service to humanity and in doing so fulfill their spiritual purpose. Animals have rights for their choices and we need to give them choice and respect it. Our job is to listen and provide them with the best care we can. This can be a difficult task because all the factors involved are not in alignment. We are still raising our collective consciousness to understand and respect other species as fellow beings on Mother Earth. We need to bring the consciousness of humans to understand that animals have choices too… choices in living as opposed to the dictates of humans. That demands a certain awareness on our part, which starts within each person. Often true love involves letting go. There are times in my experiences with animals in which following the choices and heart of the animal was personally excruciating. I had to weed through my own needs to truly serve my beloved friend. There are species of animals and plants that are choosing to leave the planet. They are ready to go and something else is ready to come in and replace it. Often when something is ready to exit, humans who have a natural desire to answer a call, may come to assist in the form of destroying it. How do we know which call is to preserve or let go? By planting the seed within our consciousness that All Things have choice and to move from love. Step by step.

     Mother Earth is graced with beauty and abundance. She is an intricate web of balance and cooperation. When one part is pulled out of kilter the rest is affected. Her strength is in her power to be resilient and change and to follow the beauty of her heart. Some species may leave, some may stay, and true liberty for animals will be when we are able to respect their choices and provide an environment of peace. We have the task of holding the space for peace and the "bigger picture" while in our daily lives attend to the details of conscious choice, love and providing respectful care for the animals.

     Mother Earth has chosen to evolve and change into a higher frequency of love. In order to manifest this, she chooses faith and love for herself and healing for her voice unheard for so long. She beckons to her collective self to wake up from the old story of pain, struggle and fear and honor and respect oneself with love… even in the face of adversity and past turmoil… create a new story. By choosing love a resonance is created to lift and evolve into the new. It is important to remind the animals of this. Mother Earth hears the mournful cry of the wolf shift like a subtle breeze to celebrate life. She feels the thousands of buffalo spirit feet massage her back and lingers to feel the remaining buffalo cherish their gifts. She casts her eye to the sky in thanksgiving of the past and allows her body to transform. She asks All Things to choose Love.