From "The Mystic Vision" by Andrew Harvey

     "When the eyes of the heart are opened, the creation is revealed as it really is . . . the body of Divine Light. Everything in it is shown irradiated naturally by Light and known as utterly Sacred and Holy. Being initiated into this glory is essential for all of us now for it is only by knowing what nature really is and in what a splendid divine theatre we are that we will find in ourselves the hope and energy and passion necessary to do everything in our power to protect the planet and all the miraculous life it enfolds."

     "We can discover how to attune ourselves to the music of this one Life. We can nurture in ourselves the vision of the child, the poet, the artist, and those who live close to nature. We can learn how to heal the heart; our own heart and the heart of every creature. Healing the heart is about cherishing in every sense: cherishing the soul which has been neglected for so many centuries; cherishing the body which has been despised and rejected; cherishing the lives which have been entrusted to us; cherishing the Earth which is the great field of all our endeavor."

From "The Direct Path" by Andrew Harvey

     "Coming to embrace the animal kingdom in love is essential in the Direct Path; how can we work together to try to preserve the planet from environmental holocaust if we do not truly know the presence of Divine Spirit in every deer, tiger, dolphin, and whale?"

     "I have a final and inescapable responsibility to treat all beings and things with divine love, divine respect and divine tenderness. The more I do, so the more I will grow in my own human divinity and the more I will experience, with ever greater intimacy and wonder, the Divine Presence in every rose, every bird, every shifting play of wind in the grasses, every fern and pokeweed."

     "To know the truth of your divine consciousness is to see it reflected back at you from all living things. To deepen that experience constantly, through adoration, wonder, insight and direct protective service and action is why we are here."


O Divine Mother,
In this extreme danger,
when we and all sentient beings
and nature,
Your glorious body,
face unprecedented misery and destruction,
inaugurate in fierceness and tenderness
the splendor of
Your Age of Passionate Enlightenment.
Bring us into the fire of Your sacred passion for reality,
rejoin the severed mandala of our being,
infuse our bodies, our hearts, our souls, our minds,
with the calm and focused truth of Your highest illumination
that brings each of those things into mutual harmony.
Engender in the ground of all of our beings
the sacred marriage,
that union between masculine and feminine
from which in each of us the Divine Child is born,
that Child that is flesh of Your flesh,
heart of Your heart,
light of Your light,
That Child that is free from all dogma,
free from all shame,
free from all false divisions
between holy and unholy,
sacred and profane,
free to burn out in love,
free to play in love free to serve in love,
as love
for love
In the heart of Your burning ground of life,
Teach us, O Divine Mother, directly
at every moment in this hour of apocalypse
the appropriate action that heals
and preserves
and redeems
and transforms.

Andrew Harvey