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Brief Biography of Andrew Harvey

Andrew Harvey is a world-renowned scholar and teacher and is the author of over thirty books, including the critically acclaimed Son of Man and Journey in Ladakh, and coauthor of the best selling The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying. Born in South India in 1952, he studied at Oxford University and became the youngest person ever awarded a fellowship to the prestigious All Souls College. He has devoted the past twenty five years of his life to studying the world's various mystical traditions, living in London, Paris, New Your, and San Francisco, and teaching at Oxford, Cornell, and the California Institute of Integral Studies. Andrew Harvey's book The Direct Path-Creating a Journey to the Divine Using the World's Mystical Traditions is a guide to practical spirituality which empowers and challenges each of us to take control of our spiritual destinies. It is filled with easy to follow yet profoundly transformative spiritual practices gleaned from the world's sacred traditions.

Brief Biography of Sharon Callahan

Sharon Callahan is a writer, photographer, internationally recognized animal communication specialist and creator of Anaflora, the first line of animal specific flower essences. Her books on flower essence therapy for animals are the first in their field. Sharon's expertise in the fields of animal communication and flower essence therapy has gained the respect of individuals, animal welfare organizations, shelters, sanctuaries, flower essence professionals and veterinarians throughout the world. She is on staff with Bob Goldstein, V.M.D. and has worked with him for the past four years in the clinical application of flower essences in his veterinary practice. She writes extensively on issues of animal well-being and her work has been featured on national radio and television and in publications world wide. Sharon's work was most recently featured in the book You Can Talk to Your Animals, Animal Communicators Tell You How by Janine Adams.